Hydraulic / Electric Power Units

AXTech designs and delivers hydraulic and electric power units for the operation of winches, A-frames and towers. Units may be delivered in any size. The typical range is from 100 kW to more than 3000 kW.

Hydraulic Power Units (HPU)
HPUs are supplied as open skid units for installation under deck, or mounted in weather housing for open-deck installation. They may be equipped with electrical starters, or delivered with DOL. Both “open loop” and “closed loop” systems are available. We also design HPU´s for Active Heave Compensation.

Electric Power Units (EPU)
AXTech designs and delivers all required electrical power switchgear units for operation of electrical drives on the equipment. This includes conventional switchgear based on DOL, or Star/Delta starters, soft starters, or frequency converters. Resistor banks for the operation of electric winches are also available.

EPU´s may be delivered as free-standing cabinets for installation in a switch gear room, or as enclosed designs for installation on deck.