Lifting And Handling Equipment

All AXTech´s lifting system items can be delivered as stand-alone units. We have a number of basic designs that can easily be adapted to specific tasks.

Winches 50-1000T

  • Riser pull-in winches
  • Buoy pull-in winches
  • Guide wire winches
  • Launch and recovery winches
  • Abandonment and recovery (A/R) winches
  • Crane winches
  • Umbilical winches

The winches can be equipped with hydraulic or electric drive systems, and with integrated active heave compensating function (AHC).

A-Frames 50-800T

The design for AXTech A-frames is well-proven and the units are supplied with normal or high stroke (up to 180°). The A-frames may be designed for general purpose or specific purposes i.e.:

  • Anchor handling
  • Plough handling
  • Subsea machine handling
  • Snubber systems handling
  • Well intervention

The A-frames may have integrated winches or are designed to work with deck or crane winches. Special stabilisation frames for the safe control of objects through the splash zone are often integrated into the design.

Skidding Equipment

AXTech supplies a wide range of skidding equipment for heavy objects, i.e.:

  • Self-powered mobile platforms
  • Skidding tractors (push-pull units)
  • Pallets
  • Rail systems

Active Heave Compensators and Shock Absorbers

AXTech can deliver both active (AHC) and passive (PHC) heave compensators.

The AHC´s are free-standing inline systems based on a hydraulic cylinder (linear system).

AXTech shock absorbers are based on the same principle as AHCs except for the active part. The function and characteristics of the PHC are always adapted to the actual purpose.

Active and passive heave compensation units may be combined into one system (PAHC).


Moonpool Deck Hatches

AXTech Moonpool deck hatches are hydraulically operated hatches that may be either hinged or sliding. They are normally equipped with integrated rails for skidding pallets, and with slots allowing the hatches to be closed with the guide wires in position. AXTech hatches are normally equipped with a supporting structure for the launching of modules.

Power Systems

AXTech designs and delivers hydraulic power systems (HPU) and electric power systems (EPU). The typical range is 100-3000 kW.

The HPU´s are built as open skid units or as enclosed designs for installation on deck. They may be delivered as “open loop” or “closed loop” designs.

The EPU´s may be delivered with DOL starters, soft starters or frequency converter drives. They may be delivered as free-standing cabinets for installation in a switch gear room, or as enclosed designs for installation on deck.