AXTech designs and delivers a wide range of winches. The typical range is 25-850 tonnes direct pull force on drum (even bigger on request). Rope length may exceed 3000 m.

Common types are:

  • Riser Pull-In Winches
  • Buoy Pull-In Winches
  • Guide Wire Winches
  • Launch and Recovery Winches
  • Abandon and Recovery (A/R) Winches
  • Crane Winches
  • Umbilical Winches

AXTech winches have hydraulic or electric drive systems and can be equipped with roller box spooling, 90° wire turn sheave (‘constant exit’) spooling or be designed as skiddable units for spooling. They may have integrated heave compensation or be accompanied by an external inline heave compensation unit and can be delivered with steel wire rope or fiber rope.

Our winch control systems monitor load, wire wear and pay out/in length.

Power units and sheave systems may be delivered as option