System Solutions

AXTech´s main focus is to supply total systems for the handling of heavy items, mainly for use on board offshore vessels, FPSOs and rigs/platforms. We design and deliver a wide range of different types of systems with a capacity range of 25 to more than 1000 metric tonnes.

We design and deliver systems for general use in addition to systems developed for carrying out specific tasks on specialized vessels. All of our deliveries may be designed for use in hazardous (Ex) areas.

Our System Solutions are:

Pull-in Systems for Risers and Buoys.

Our pull-in systems are normally equipped with 200-1000m of wire and have a lifting capacity of 150 – 1000 tonnes. The systems can be built as stationary or skiddable systems, or as a combination of the two.

Launch & Recovery Systems (LARS).

A complete AXTech LARS system may include A-Frames, winches and skid pallets. Typical range is 50 – 700 tonnes dynamic load, or larger on request.

Skidding Systems.

Skidding systems are used to move heavy items to dedicated positions on deck. AXTech has many years of experience in the delivery of skidding and rolling systems for special and heavy items such as subsea modules, ploughs and other machines.

Module Handling & Lifting Systems for IMR Operations.

AXTech delivers various designs of systems for handling subsea equipment between vessel and seabed. A common solution is a module handling tower installed over the vessel’s moonpool. Other designs are based on A-frames or slewable towers. All systems include guiding arrangements for safe launch and recovery through the splash zone. AXTech also delivers moonpool deck hatch systems.

Tailor-made Solutions.

AXTech designs tailor-made material-handling systems including advanced controls. We are often invited to join the early stages of a project to perform case studies and to participate in the development of new concepts related to material handling on specialised vessels.

Our speciality is the development of unique and innovative solutions.