The LMHS is specially designed to deploy and recover subsea modules in a safe and efficient operation.
The system is designed as a stand-alone tower with a single interface to the deck of the vessel. The design allows for installation on a variety of vessels such as PSVs, AHTS and more traditional IMR vessels with and without cargo rails.

Maximum cargo rail size is 3,0m x 1,5m (H x W)
As an alternative the system may also be installed to operate through a Moonpool.

By utilizing a slewing structure, the system can land and pick up modules from multiple slots on the deck and do not require use of deck transport systems.

Different shaped modules are easily handled by adjustable prongs and are safely handled through the splash zone by a cursor guide frame with adjustable down force towards the module.

Safe subsea landing and lift-off are ensured by a AHC&ART winches for the module and guidewires.

The system is equipped with an integrated hydraulic power system, utilizing electrical HPU and N2 energy storage.  Energy storage reduces the total power supply by up to 70%. Electrical power to the HPU may be provided by the vessel or by AXTech supplied generator.

An integrated control system provides a desk unit for integration in vessel control room and a handheld radio unit for deck operation.

The system may be equipped with floodlights, and CCTV prepared for connection to the vessel’s CCTV system.

Installation time is very short and vessel impact is limited to the welded connection to the deck. The whole system is designed to be flexible and adapt to almost any vessel

The LMHS is fully compliant with DNV Standard for Certification No 2.22. Lifting Appliances, 2011