Module Handling Systems are commonly used for handling equipment dedicated to subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) services. The most common is by use of a Module Handling Tower installed over the vessels Moonpool. Other designs are based on A-frames or slewable towers placing the modules on pallets and skidding the modules to the dedicated positions on deck.

AXTech provides highly advanced flexible, reliable and safe module handling systems. Tailor made solutions are offered based on functionality and vessel layout. The towers can be designed with all lifting equipment fully integrated into the structure.

The tower design may allow for fast mobilisation by “single point lift” solutions.

We also provide tower systems for integration into a vessel’s hangar.

Our Module Handling Systems may include:

  • A set of liftin- and guide wire winches with capacities as per client requirements
  • Integrated control cabin and/or special control stations
  • Access platforms, stairs, walkways
  • Lights, submersible floodlights, cameras, etc.
  • Integrated or free-standing HPU and/or EPU (electric drives)
  • Cursor guide system with adjustable prong structure
  • Moonpool Deck Hatch systems (with guides/rails as required)
  • Skidding system for modules
  • Maintenance crane with basket

Module Handling Tower and skidding system for Normand Subsea