Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS)

A complete AXTech LARS system may include A-Frames, Winch, Skidding Pallets and complete control system. AXTech deliver a wide range of different systems comprising all or part of the LARS system.

The typical range is 50 – 700T (even larger on request).

The A-frames can be tailor made for specific purposes, with integrated winches or designed to work with deck winches. They may also be designed for different locations on the vessel i.e.:

  • On stern of vessel
  • On side of vessel
  • Over the vessels moonpool

The AXTech LARS winches may be designed as:

  • Hydraulic winches
  • Electric winches
  • Roller box automatic spooling
  • Sheave (“constant exit”) 90° wire turn automatic spooling.
  • Skiddable winch (sideways) for automatic spooling function
  • Wire length as required by client.