Join AXTech

Working in AXTech means being part of something special.
We believe that our most important success factors are human performance. We recognize that people and skills are central to our business and we are continuously developing our people to enhance collective know-how and improving our performance.

You will take part in delivering tailor-made products and solutions to clients world-wide. Our project and product portfolio extend from simple winches to advance one-of-a-kind systems, based on the clients needs.

You will join a company with all core competence in-house, and be part of interdisciplinary teams with a broad range of expertise.

AXTech participates in the trainee program TIM Trainee in Molderegionen. In AXTech we are looking for a System Engineer, and background from automation, electro or hydraulics is relevant. Deadline to apply is 28th of February.

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