AXTech is an engineering and service company, and supplier of heavy-duty lifting and material handling equipment in a capacity range of 25 to 1000 tonnes and more.

AXTech develops, designs, delivers, tests, commissions and carries out service on heavy lifting and material handling equipment for use in harsh and corrosive marine environments.

AXTech offers:

System Solutions

    • Pull-in systems (riser/buoy)
    • Launch and recovery systems (LARS)
    • Module handling and lifting systems (IMR)
    • Skidding systems
    • Tailor-made solutions

Lifting and Handling Equipment

    • Winches
    • A-frames
    • Skidding tractors, pallets and associated equipment
    • Heave compensation and shock absorbing equipment
    • Moonpool deck hatches
    • Hydraulic and electric power units (HPU/EPU)


    • Modifications and upgrades (engineering and execution)
    • Installation and commissioning services
    • Training
    • Service, maintenance and repairs
    • Spare parts provisioning