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New office in Tønsberg

New office in Tønsberg

Opening an Office in Tønsberg:

February 29, 2024

-A strategic choice to recruit the right people

Thanks to several large contracts, AXTech entered 2024 with a record backlog of orders and a need for more engineers to join the team.

“We have numerous advanced deliveries underway. Recruitment needed to go faster than possible at our HQ in Molde, so it became natural for us to look into a larger market”, says AXTech's HR manager, Anne Mathilde Wicken.

Five new employees in Eastern Norway

 The new office in Tønsberg was ready in February. So far, AXTech has hired fivemechanical engineers for the new location.

Anne Mathilde sitting by a desk talking about AXTechs new office in Tønsberg
Illustration showing men looking at a hight tech pool

We chose Tønsberg because it is located centrally in a region with many people with the knowledge we seek. In June last year, we published an open application in the Sandefjord-Drammen area, and the response was excellent. We have only employed mechanical engineers for now, but we plan to expand with more disciplines, such as automation, electrical, and hydraulics engineers, says Wicken.

The employees at the Tønsberg office will initially work on projects linked to the Norwegian Maritime Technology Centre, which will contribute to the green transformation of the maritime industries and secure Norway's position as a leading portnation. The collaboration with the Molde office is close, and there will be much cooperation with AXTech's people in Poland.

Always been impressed by Axtech

Arild Bolsø(56) is employed as an office manager in Tønsberg. He originally comes from Molde but has lived in Tønsberg for 30 years.

He has experience with large companies such as Statkraft and Multiconsult and has worked with both offshore and onshore heavy equipment.

I have always been impressed by AXTech and its products, and I thought this was where I would work if I lived in Molde. I am, therefore, delighted that they are now establishing themselves in Tønsberg. I am looking forward to building the unique AXTech culture in Eastern Norway.

Bolsø will spend his working days together with Vidar Holmøy, Øystein Eiken, Dag Erik Skagmo and Kjetil Toft Ødegård. The latter is the son of AXTech founder Kjell Ødegård, and comes from his job as a project engineer in the mechanical department at Pure Salmon Technology.

It has been fantastic to follow AXTech from a small project my father and Richard Myhre started in my childhood to becoming an international company that I have become a part of, Kjetil says.