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FallPipe system to DEME
- rock placement -

AXTech two sub-systems delivery to DEME’s Fall Pipe vessel:

1. Vertical Fall Pipe System (VFPS) for down to 1500m depth.

2. Inclined Fall Pipe System (telescopic 30-50m).Slide 1 of 10.

DEBMARINE / Benguela Gem
Subsea mining launch and recovery system

Reels for DEME wind turbine foundation drilling system

Umbilical Reel and Slurry Hose Reel for use in the St. Nazaire project.

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WindWorker for heavy maintenance on
Offshore Wind Turbines

Winner of Equinor’s  innovation challenge on heavy maintenance for offshore turbines.

Buoy Pull-in System with Heave Compensator

Installed on the world's deepest FPSO, Turitella on the Shell Stones field

100T Active Heave Compensated Winch for X-MAS tree handling

Installed on West Mira

Subsea Mining Launch and Recovery System

3x LARS for Nautilus Minerals Subsea Mining vessel – 300t @ 2800m

AXTech Light Module Handling System

Compact Active Heave Compensated System for handling of Subsea Modules

AXTech 420T Special Handling System

Active Heave Compensated system  for handling of Åsgard Subsea Compression Modules

Launch and Recovery Plough System & Deck Skidding System

Lifting & handling Innovations

Since 2004 AXTech specializes in providing purpose built lifting and material handling equipment for the marine industry.

Our success factor is providing innovative engineering for complex operations never done before, offering highly competitive solutions.

SHS NortH Sea Giant
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Offshore Wind

Subsea Lifting

Floating Production

Cable & Pipe Lay

Subsea Mining

Civil Engineering

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We bring valuable knowledge from different areas to combine into solving the most ambitious projects.

Modifications & Upgrades

Upgrade of existing equipment and systems.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning of lifting and material handling systems.


Service, maintenance, repair  and spare parts supply worldwide.

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Systems and Products

Pull-in Systems for Risers and Buoys

AXTech provide production pull-in systems for risers and buoys on floating production and storage vessels. Our purpose-built systems can be supplied both as hydraulic and electrical, and for safe and EX areas. Typical capacity is up to 1000t.

Launch and Recovery Systems

AXTech provide launch and recovery systems in most sizes and capacities from handling small remote operated vehicles to large subsea mining machines at more than 3000m. The typical range is 50 – 700T (even larger on request).

Module Handling

AXTech provide advanced module handling systems for safe and reliable launching and recovering of subsea modules from a vessel or a rig towards the seabed. With active heave compensation and accurate guiding, we can handle modules up to 420t and more.

Custom Systems & Products

AXTech specialty is the development of custom and innovative products and systems.  
We design tailor-made lifting and handling systems including advanced controls.