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Subsea Minerals

Subsea Minerals

Complete solutions for a demanding market

The subsea mineral industry has become one of AXTech's most essential business areas. 

Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in complex lifting and handling operations related to this specialised market.

We design and deliver launch and recovery systems to suit clients' unique requirements, including docking mechanisms, snubbers, catch frames, and handling wires and umbilicals.

We have in-house capabilities for advanced dynamic simulations to ensure the dimensioning of the complete lifting system. With this insight, AXTech has delivered reliable systems with high uptime, including specific features such as heave compensated umbilicals for the subsea machinery.

When you choose AXTech, you don't just get a product or a service. You get a comprehensive package that covers everything from the early concept phases to final installation, service, and maintenance. We are committed to your project's success every step of the way.

Picture of tower for lifitng equipment

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