Floating Production


Experienced Provider of Riser and Buoy Pull-in Systems

AXTech builds on more than 20 years of experience in designing and engineering floating production facilities for the oil and gas industry.
This experience provides a solid foundation for the creativity to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for today’s oil and gas industry.
Continuously investing in R&D to improve our production platform solutions.
AXTech has over the years delivered a wide range of Pull-in winches for the floating production business, both for Spread Moored and Turret Moored FPSOs.
On Spread Moored vessels our Pull-in system is skidded along ship side to align with each riser.
Likewise, on SPAR platforms.
On Turret Buoy vessels our winches pull in the complete buoy after release. For floating production, AXTech can provide a variety of winches, compensators, guide systems, structures and more to meet any need.

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