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Floating Production

Floating Production

Experienced provider of riser- and buoy pull-in systems

Our 20 years of experience designing and engineering equipment for floating production facilities enables us to make innovative and cost-effective solutions. We deliver custom-made winches, compensators, guide systems and structures. 

Over the years, AXTech has delivered a variety of pull-in winches, sheave trolleys, special compensators, and related power units for spread-moored and turret-moored FPSOs.

AXTech engineers have extensive operational experience with riser and buoy pull-in, and we often provide operational support to our clients for these specialized installation campaigns.

Our pull-in systems are used for many of the most demanding applications worldwide. They have the highest capacity to date, ranging up to 1200 tons. One particular area of special expertise is pull-in systems for disconnectable buoys.

Picture of riser and pull-inn system developed by AXTech.

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