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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Steel structure expertise

AXTech has decades of experience in complex offshore lifting and handling systems. Our expertise is in heavy steel structures, mechanics, and control systems in complex and dynamic environments.

The expansion of our portfolio into the civil engineering market showcases our adaptability. Equipped with advanced simulation and calculation tools, we optimise structures and systems to withstand flow forces, motions, and wind loads. Our expertise in heavy installations in shipyards and offshore further enhances our reliability in the installation phases and planning. 

Marine civil engineering and structural civil engineering will benefit from our extensive knowledge of heavy-lifting systems.

AXTech offers engineering, fabrication, and installation services as a complete package for specific engineered-to-order projects. We cover all stages, from concept engineering, calculations and design to production, delivery, and installation.  We can also provide engineering case studies as a separate service for larger projects.

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