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Wave-absorbing beaches

Wave-absorbing beaches

AXTech is chosen as a supplier to the Norwegian Marine Technology Centre.

January 7, 2024

The job involves developing and supplying two large wave-absorbing systems, also known as beaches, for the Norwegian Marine and Technology Centre in Trondheim. The systems must adjust to different test depths with millimetric precision.

Andreas Ludvigsen, technology and development director, explains:

We convinced Statsbygg with our proposal for a technical solution and innovative ways of solving the task.

The Norwegian Marine Technology Centre will be one of the world's most advanced facilities for research and education in marine engineering. It will, among other things, contain a new sea basin where Sintef and NTNU will conduct simulations with scaled models of marine structures.

Three men by a desk with a illustration showing on the computer
Illustration of an inndor maritime test centre

One of a kind

Technical specialist André Valente has worked extensively on developing the concept for the wave energy absorbers.

This is something that has yet to exist. It's "one of a kind" and a big challenge, but that is how we like it! Creativity and innovation on a project like this make everyday life exciting at AXTech.

AXTech came up with a solution that simplified things somewhat and provided safer system operation.

Contracts worth NOK 450-500 million

AXTech already has two other contracts related to the Marine Technology Centre and now has a total delivery of between NOK 450 and 500 million.

All planning and development takes place at the head office in Molde. The steel structures, weighing nearly 300 tonnes, are produced somewhere in Europe before being assembled in Trondheim.