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Feasibility studies

At AXTechAS, we conduct feasibility studies to assess project viability and challenges. Our team of specialised engineers analyse factors to identify risks and opportunities in advance. These studies, conducted with precision, enable us to understand challenges, find practical solutions, and ensure success for a project. Through calculations and advanced dynamic simulations, we provide valuable insights for informed decisions and with a focus on addressing clients' needs, deliver innovative solutions.

Analyses and calculations

Our engineers employ advanced analytical tools and techniques to perform in-depth analyses and calculations across various disciplines. Whether it's structural integrity assessments, load-bearing capacity calculations, or fluid dynamics simulations, we utilise cutting-edge methods to ensure that every aspect of the design meets the highest standards of performance and safety. By leveraging our expertise in numerical modelling and simulation, we optimise designs to achieve optimal efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Dynamic simulations

In the dynamic and unpredictable offshore environment, it is crucial to anticipate and mitigate potential risks. Through dynamic simulations, we model various scenarios to evaluate the behaviour of systems under different operating conditions. From vessel motions and wave-induced loads to equipment dynamics and control responses, we simulate dynamic interactions in offshore operations. Analysing these simulations, we identify potential issues, optimise performance, minimise downtime, and enhance safety.


Concept design

Innovation begins with a clear vision and creative thinking. Our engineers excel at translating ideas into tangible concepts. By fostering collaboration and leveraging our expertise in conceptualisation and visualisation, we develop innovative solutions that address our clients' specific needs and challenges. From initial sketches to 3D models and proof-of-concept studies, we explore multiple design iterations to identify the most promising solution. Sometimes setting new boundaries of what is possible.


Structural design

At AXTech, we use CAD and FEM analysis software to develop and refine designs, aiming to optimise structures for peak performance. Our key objectives in structural design include prioritising operational safety to ensure products and systems meet all requirements without failure throughout their lifespan. Furthermore, our solutions are meticulously crafted for optimal performance from the outset, focusing on cost-effectiveness across construction, operation, and service.


Control system, electrical- and hydraulic design

We now specialise in designing and delivering control and power systems, whether electric or hydraulic, for various purposes, although initially, our core expertise lay in lifting and handling equipment systems, including AHC systems. Our in-house engineering encompasses all necessary skills - including electrical, automation, software, and hydraulic expertise - to create modern control systems tailored to specific needs.

We can make a digital twin solution and develop simulation software for operator training in complex systems, including both software development and the creation of the physics model. Furthermore, all our control systems allow online remote diagnostics capabilities, and we offer flexibility to accommodate any brand requirements dictated by the application.