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Service & Aftersales

Service & Aftersales

Equipment life cycle service

We recognise that equipment undergoes wear and tear over time and may require periodic maintenance and servicing to ensure optimal performance. Our equipment lifecycle service encompasses preventive maintenance, inspections, and repairs to prolong the lifespan of our products and minimise downtime. Whether routine maintenance tasks or troubleshooting unexpected issues, our experienced service technicians have the knowledge and tools to keep equipment operating efficiently.

Spare parts

We provide spare parts packages for all our equipment to minimise disruptions and downtime. Our spare parts service ensures that our clients will receive the correct OEM spare with the correct configuration for our equipment. Our dedicated service team is available to assist with identifying the right parts, expediting orders, and providing manpower and support to ensure a smooth replacement and installation.


As technology evolves and industry standards change, equipment upgrades may be necessary to maintain competitiveness and compliance. Our upgrade servic esoffer clients the opportunity to enhance their existing equipment's performance, functionality, and safety. Whether installing new software, upgrading components, or retrofitting advanced features, we work closely with clients to develop tailored upgrade solutions that meet their needs and objectives.


Rope spooling

Proper rope spooling is essential for the safe and efficient operations of offshore equipmen . Our rope spooling service ensures that ropes are spooled correctly, minimising the risk of damage, entanglement, and operational issues. Our trained technicians use specialised equipment and techniques to ensure uniform spooling and optimal rope performance, enhancing safety and reliability.


Operation support

We understand that operating complex equipment requires specialised knowledge and expertise, which is why we offer comprehensive operation support services to assist clients with training, troubleshooting, and operations. Whether conducting on-site training sessions, providing remote technical support, or offering operational support, our team is dedicated to helping clients maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their equipment.