What We Do

AXTech provides services as part of a complete project or services related to specific customer requirements.

Our staff of engineers capable of designing of any kind of lifting-related equipment.

Our experienced service department will respond promptly to your service requirements and may help with field works such as testing and commissioning of new or modified equipment, or with maintenance and repairs.

Our Services


We bring valuable knowledge from multiple areas to combine into one experienced team successfully able to take the most ambitious projects.
We drive ourselves to provide the top solution for every project.
We are capable of designing of any kind of lifting-related equipment.

Modifications & Upgrades

Upgrade of existing equipment and systems.
Our solutions and equipment are designed to improve efficiency, to increase performance, reduce downtime, We optimize every aspect to increase equipment lifetime, reduce service time and costs.
Safety increase.
Strength calculation of structures and machinery.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning of lifting and material handling systems.
Development and supervision of testing procedures and sea trials.
Supervision of installation.

Aftermarket / Service

- Service, maintenance spare parts supply and repair worldwide.
- Troubleshooting of lifting and material handling systems and of all makes of components.
Maintenance (overhaul) and repair of winches, pumps, and other hydraulic/electrical/ mechanical units.
- Development of periodic maintenance programs.
- Rental of equipment: HPU’s,  Spooling winches, Wire lubrication systems, Tensiometers, Load-Cells and other equipment.
- Long-term service agreements.

Inspection & Certification

- Certification / re-certification of lifting devices.
- Performance, preservation and storage protection programs.
- Inspection and Certification of wire ropes.
We have certified operators and equipment for NDT (Non-destructive testing) of steel wire ropes (MRT- magnetic rope testing)


Onshore and offshore training of operating and maintenance personnel.