Optimized for Strength and Functionality

AXTech A-frames are optimized for high capacity and compact design. Supplying purpose-built A-frames over many years, AXTech has experience with many versions the subject and offer A-frames in a wide range spanning from 10t to more than 800t.

An A-frame may look like a simple mechanical item but making it strong and yet lightweight is a challenging task fit for an experienced supplier.  

The most common types of AXTech A-frames are for:

  • Anchor handling
  • Plough handling
  • Subsea machine handling
  • AUV, ROV
  • Well intervention
  • High pressure water Jet Machines
  • Pilot Vessels

Over the years AXTech has been challenged my many customers to develop the A-Frame concept further. Thus, we have track record with both simple and complex A-frame systems and can offer A-frames equipped with special features such as:

  • Scissor frames
  • Stabilization frames
  • Integrated Winches
  • Integrated AHC systems
  • Wide leg
  • Wide Stroke  
  • Snubber systems
  • Docking Systems

AXTech A-frames may be used over any side of the vessel, including Moonpool.

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