Control  Systems


Control systems for any purpose

AXTech designs and delivers control systems for any purpose but specialize on systems for lifting and handling equipment, including AHC systems.  

All systems are designed by our in-house systems engineering team in close cooperation with selected hydraulic and electrical component suppliers.

Since the start, AXTech has taken pride in having the competence in-house, thus a strong engineering team for control systems has been raised. Today the team include all electrical, automation, software and hydraulic skills required to make a modern control system.

AXTech carry an extensive software library for lifting equipment and surrounding systems as well as our own SCADA user interface library.

All control systems can be supplied with remote diagnostics over internet.  

As most engineers, we have our favorites PLC brands, but we can provide control systems in any brand required by the application.

Control systems may be delivered with EX and SIL certification.

AXTech’s engineering team is specialists in lifting and handling equipment. But over the years the competence has increased with the challenges our clients have given us. Today we have a strong team that also provide control systems into other industry segments such as ships and vessel, industrial manufacturing and robotics, and other land based industry.

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Control  Systems