Custom Products


One-of-a-kind products to serve specific tasks

AXTech’s specialty is purpose-built equipment where we really can challenge our different engineering disciplines. Thus, over the years we have built a fair amount of special systems.

Most projects have been lifting equipment, but not all.

With a broad in-house engineering team, mastering most engineering disciplines including software development and the ability to perform complex dynamic analysis and simulations, we are ready for almost any challenge.

Our Systems and Products overview show the most typical products we deliver. But in addition to this, we design and fabricate pretty much anything.

Some topics we have been involved in over the years:

  • Different fiber rope handling systems
  • Cranes in different sizes, for land and sea, with and without AHC
  • Load carrying structures in factories
  • Machines for land-based mining
  • Vessel stabilization systems
  • Industrial robots
  • Manipulators and special cranes
  • Cargo cranes for hoses
  • Towers for compensated walkways  
  • Navy vessels davits and LARS
  • Well containment systems
  • Offshore windmill installation
  • Ultra Heavy Lift (>8000t)
  • Land based cranes
  • And more...
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Custom Products