Module Handling


Module handling for installation and maintenance on subsea installations

AXTech module handling systems utilize different products from the AXTech portfolio to provide a safe and reliable way of launching and recovering modules from a vessel or a rig towards the seabed.  

We have over the years provided a number of module handling systems with capacities from 35t to 420t and AHC capable to handle most weather criteria's.  

Most module handling systems operates with cursor guide frames and guide wires, keeping the module firmly guided throughout the whole operation. Compared with a crane, this is a controlled and predicable way of handling a module. Preventing the cranes challenges with pendulum loads

AXTech offers the module handling systems with active or passive heave compensation but in most cases the active version is preferred to provide an accurate and safe operation. AXTech provides our own AHC systems, developing both the required hardware and software in-house.

A module handling system can be designed for operation in a vessel’s moonpool or over the vessel side. Often the vessel’s moonpool is preferred due to minimum vessel motions and shielded operation. But in some cases, this is not possible, often due to the modules size or the vessel layout. In such cases, operating over the side of the vessel is a good option.

Module Handling Systems comes in different configurations, but most include the following:

  • One or more heave compensated lifting winches for lifting the module
  • Two or more guide wire winches for guiding the module from to and from the seabed. The guide winches are often both heave and tension compensated, enabling a tight guideline during the whole operation
  • Cursor guide frames with prongs for guiding the module in air and through the splash zone. The guide frame is usually handled by a dedicated winch, capable of synchronized operation with the lifting winch
  • A steel structure, often named a tower, carrying the different winches and systems
  • Integrated control cabin and/or special control stations
  • Submersible floodlights, cameras, etc.
  • Integrated or free-standing HPU and/or EPU (electric drives)

In addition, module handling systems are often equipped with

  • Deck or moonpool hatches and retractable tables
  • Deck transport systems
  • Manipulator arms
  • Maintenance crane with or without baskets  

The systems can be supplied as standalone units for single lift or fully integrated in the vessel hangar or similar.

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Module Handling