Launch & Recovery LARS


Comprehensive systems for safe launch and recovery

AXTech launch and recovery systems utilise different products from the AXTech portfolio to provide a safe and reliable way of launching and recovering equipment from a vessel or a rig.

AXTech can provide launch and recovery systems in most sizes and capacities from handling small remote operated vehicles to large subsea mining machines at more than 3000m. The typical range is 50 – 700T (even larger on request).

The LARS may include a-frame, stabilisation frames, winch, deck transport, hydraulic or electric power units, and complete control system. AXTech deliver a wide range of different systems comprising all or part of the LARS system.

Traditionally a LARS would utilise a a-frame and a winch, but over the years, the borderline between LARS and module handling systems has become blurred, and a LARS now often also include heave compensation systems, cursor guide frames and deck transport systems.  

For semi-buoyant or light weight objects the LARS can also be delivered with snubbers or other guiding systems handling the object safely through the splash zone.  

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