Power EPU / HPU


Electric and Hydraulic Power Systems.

AXTech designs and delivers hydraulic and electric power units for any purpose but specialize on units for lifting and handling equipment, including AHC systems.  

All systems are designed by our in-house systems engineering team in close cooperation with selected hydraulic and electrical component suppliers.

Systems may be delivered in any size and in many configurations. The typical range is from 50 kW to more than 3000 kW.

The systems may be delivered for open deck installation with housing, cooling, and climate control, or for installation inside the vessel.

Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) comes with a wide variety of options, but the most common are.

  • Open loop or Closed loop systems HPUs
  • Control system and instrumentation from stand alone to advanced power management  
  • Passive energy integration, typical nitrogen, or air volumes
  • Water or air cooled

Electric Power Units (EPU) common options:

  • Conventional switchgear based on DOL, star/delta starters and soft starters
  • Single and common dc systems frequency converters.
  • Active Front-End or traditional rectifier frequency converters
  • Resistor, battery, and capacitor banks for negative energy
  • Master-slave drives for motors on common fixed axel.

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Power EPU / HPU