Simulator & Training Systems


Simulator and Training Systems

Simulators in general and real-time graphical simulators in particular has become a well-known tool for planning of operation, risk mitigation and training.

Especially the graphical real-time simulators have taken large steps over the last years, providing the user a near to real life experience.

AXTech can provide simulators at most levels. In its simplest form it can be a fully integrated function of our control system, allowing the operator to train on particular scenarios or test a system by simulating external input.  

An example is a test of an AHC winch where the control system can choose to use a simulated wave motion and run the winch as if it were on a moving vessel.  

For more advanced options we can provide real-time simulators connected to the actual control system or a copy of the control system.  

By connecting a AXTech control system and user interface to a graphical real time simulator, operations can be performed as in real life where the operator can see the simulated environment on a flat screen, dome or even in AR glasses.

For the more advanced systems AXTech cooperate with selected real-time simulator providers. Such systems can be part of a simulator centre setup or as a transportable kit which can be used on site.  

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