Reels & Winches


A wide range of Winches and Reels

AXTech designs and delivers a wide range of winches and Reels from small Guide Wire Winches to large Buoy Pull-In Winches and Hose Reels. AXTech equipment are custom designed to provide a perfect match to the client’s need.  

The Systems can be provided with electrical or hydraulic motors, powered by dedicated Power Packs or Ring Lines. A wide variety is available including Open-loop hydraulics, Closed loop hydraulics, Secondary Controlled hydraulics, Direct Drive electrical and Frequency Drive electrical systems.

Both hydraulic and electrical systems can be provided with energy storage in form of Nitrogen banks, Air banks, Batteries or Capacitors.  

Winches can be supplied with plain drum or Lebus groves, with and without spooling devices by sheave or roller in addition to spooling by skidding or rocking drum techniques.  

All winches are 100% based on AXTech internal IP regardless whether it is a large Pull-in winch or a fast AHC winch, including control system and AHC algorithms.

Winches can be delivered for nearly any rope length, capacity, speed and type with capacities like 1000 ton, 3000 meter, 150 m/min, 97% AHC accuracy etc.  

The most common types of winches and Reels offered from AXTech are:

  • Launch and Recovery Winches
  • Abandon and Recovery Winches with Automatic Rope Tension and Active Heave Compensation  
  • Guide Wire Winches with Automatic Rope Tension and Active Heave Compensation  
  • Umbilical Winches for Umbilical, Tether or Hose with Automatic Rope Tension and Active Heave Compensation
  • Riser and Buoy Pull-In Winches for Fiber or Steel Rope
  • Crane Winches
  • Skid and Cursor Winches
  • Umbilical Reels
  • Hose Reels  

All winches can be delivered as standalone or as part of a system with sheaves, structures, trollies etc.

In addition to common winches, AXTech also provide special design.

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