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LARS for De Beers Diamond Recovery Vessel

The new LARS for De Beers new Diamond Recovery Vessel is yet another statement on AXTech’s position in large launch and recovery systems and in the subsea mining market.

The LARS handled a massive subsea machine named the ‘Crawler’, a 370ton purpose-built machine for subsea diamond recovery. The LARS will launch the Crawler from a vessel to the seabed as well as handle the Crawler’s production riser hose and the umbilical cable.

LARS and Crawler will be installed on Debmarine Namibia’s new offshore diamond recovery vessel (AMV3) now under construction at Damen’s Mangalia shipyard in Romania.

“For AXTech this is a great achievement, and we are looking forward to the cooperation with De Beers on this exciting project.” says Richard Myhre, CEO AXTech

The main components of the LARS are:

  • Crawler Lifting Tower. Incl. Wire and Umbilical Heave Compensator
  • Crawler Electrical Hoist Winch (max. pull of approx. 440t. DAF= 2)
  • Crawler Umbilical Winch w/ electrical power, control signals and hydraulic supply interface
  • Tensioners, Riser Track and Crane for Crawler Riser Hose handling
  • Hydraulic and Electrical Power Units
  • Crawler Oil Management System

The new vessel will be part of the Debmarine Namibia fleet, planned for operation off the coast of Namibia.

“For AXTech this is a significant order, confirming AXTech’s position as a world leader in Launch and Recovery Systems for the Subsea Mining Industry” says Kjell Odegard, Sales Director AXTech.
“It is important for us to find an experienced supplier with a proven track record to build our new Launch and Recovery System for the AMV3” says Michael Curtis, head of the AMV3 Project for De Beers Marine,
“and we are pleased to contract AXTech after successfully winning a Global Tender for the construction of the equipment. Given the complexity of the project, it is critical to work with the best equipment supplier who has a reputation for performance and on-time delivery.”

Delivery is scheduled for early 2021. After delivery comes a period with installation, commissioning and testing.

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