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Reels for Deme wind turbine foundation drilling system.

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Kjell Ødegård

Renewable Energy DEME project

AXTech is proud to announce a contract with DEME Offshore for the supply of an Umbilical Reel and Slurry Hose Reel for use in the St. Nazaire project.

The Umbilical and Slurry Hose supports the operation of a new OFD (Offshore Foundation Drilling) machine developed by DEME for the installation of XL monopiles foundations.

The St. Nazaire project consists of  80 turbine foundations  for the 480 MW wind farm to be installed in the Bay of Biscay (France).

This Reel unit will form part of the installation equipment  on HLJV Innovation during this project.

With this project onboard we strengthen our position in the offshore wind market.

We thank DEME for the opportunity.

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