Production Pull In

Buoy Pull-In System for World’s deepest FPSO, Turritella on the Shell Stones field

Pull-in systems for floating production vessel are one of AXTech’s core businesses and we have delivered a large number over the years. They are all unique in their own way, but we still find the Turritella system a bit special. (Even tough it is not our largest pull-in winch)

Turritella is grand in many ways, with a working depth at staggering 2,900 meters as well as the largest disconnectable buoy (Buoyant Turret Mooring or BTM) and the first disconnectable FPSO with steel risers.

It is a grand vessel with a grand buoy pull-in system. AXTech is proud to have delivered a complete system for pull-in and emergency disconnect. The vessel is equipped with a 600t hydraulic pull-in winch for handling the BTM Buoy, as well as handling of risers and umbilical lines (installation and disconnection. When pulling the buoy, the rope is routed over a 1200t linear heave compensator decreasing the dynamic forces in the pull-in operation.  

After the buoy is properly pulled in and secured, the rope is moved by the spooling winch to the abandonment winch. The abandonment winch handles the rope if the buoy is dropped from the vessel. All units are powered by an AXTech HPU and a dedicated Nitrogen battery with bottles and intensifiers for charging.

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