Offshore Wind

AXTech Wind Worker for heavy maintenance on offshore windmills.

AXTech Windworker

AXTech Wind Worker, 1 out of 3 winners of Statoil Innovate's Heavy Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines Challenge.

AXTech was today announced as winner of the Heavy Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines Innovation Contest by Statoil Innovate.

AXTech and was competing with 48 other companies and we are proud and happy to be 1 out of 3 winners.

The AXTech Wind Worker is a conceptual study together with MRPC (, and we are looking forward to develop this concept further together with Statoil and MRPC.

AXTech’s Wind Worker utilize a special catamaran vessel with active stabilization of the vessel’s roll and pitch together with a special compensated telescopic arm. By compensating the roll and pitch motions as well as synchronizing the telescopic arm with the windmill’s motions, maintenance may be performed in a safe and efficient way.


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